Aminoacid fertilizer

Humiforte is an organic nutrient of wide spectrum with rapid and total uptake by plants. It is a concentrated liquid of free high purity L-amino acids , optically and biologically active synthesized by NaturAgro.
Low molecular weight oligopeptides whose composition and characteristics coincide with Extracellular transcription factors (ETF) are also obtained in the process, behaving as such. Humiforte acts by stimulating vital plant functions, facilitating the formation of proteins. Improves fertility and soil structure.
high-speed processing and stimulation of vegetative growth;
Used for
nursery gardens on new plantations;
maximum nutritional needs, fruit germination, flowering, blossoming, and ripening;
shock treatment in intensive cultivation systems (greenhouses, vegetable crops, etc.)
stimulates the vital functions of the plant, facilitating the formation of proteins;
compatible with any insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers, the action of which is enhanced by the amino acids contained;
improves soil fertility and structure;
suitable for all types of cultures.
Useful properties
Method of administration:
it can be absorbed by the root or leaf and suitable for apply via dip, spray and flood irrigation systems. Micro-sprays and sprayers for foliar feeding can also be used.

Properties and composition

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