Sapropel liquid concentrate
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Organic and mineral fertilizer of the new generation made of natural, environmentally pristine raw materials. Our unique and innovative technologies allow us to extract the whole complex of biologically active substances: humic, hymatomelanic, and fulvic acids, which contain a great range of low molecular organic substances: amino acids, carbohydrates, water-miscible carboxylic acids, vitamins, macroelements, and microelements in the form of bioavailable organic compounds.
Spraying the soil before plowing (cultivation).
Used for
Pre-sowing treatment of seeds, tubers, shoots.
Foliage treatment during the growing period.
Plant-root fertilization during the growing season.
Processing of root crops before placement in storage.
Processing of organic matter, stubble, and crop residues.
Increases the crop yield and improves product quality.
Useful properties
Activates the immune system and enhances the photosynthesis and respiration of plants.
Shows an anti-stress effect and increases the resistance of plants to adverse climatic conditions, toxins, and pollution.
Flexible terms of application throughout the growing season.
Natural complexing agent (chelate agent).
An antidote effect (anti stress when treating with pesticides).
Increases the biological activity of the soil, has a regulatory effect on the natural rhizospheric micro-flora and enhances the growth of beneficial microorganisms, including nitrogen-fixing ones.
Method of application:

— Used in the form of a solution concentration of concentrate and water or along with the pesticides and agrochemicals; compatible with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, chemical protectants, and other agrochemicals.
— In tank mixtures, one should dilute the concentrate with water, and then, if necessary, the pesticides and agrochemicals.
— Before using the product, the container with concentrate should be well-shaken.
— Should be prepared and stored in the spray material not more than seven days.
— Should be applied no more than 4 times during the growing season of the plant.
— Seed treatment should be carried out in pickling machines.
— Plant-root fertilization should be conducted through a system of drip watering and water sprinklers.
— Foliage treatments should be carried out in the evening or in the morning, in the absence of rain and strong wind.
— One should take into consideration the recommended spraying standards when applying organic and mineral fertilizers (concentrate) and during foliage treatment.

Rate of application

Properties and composition

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