Bioactive feed
additive for birds


Dietary supplement to the feed based on zeolite for birds. Due to the porous structure of aluminosilicates (SiO2 and AlO4), negatively charged ions of potassium, magnesium, silicon (up to 40 mineral elements), and water molecules, it allows capturing substances in liquid, gaseous, and solid form and, if necessary, decompose them. At the same time, it not only takes harmful substances from the bird's body, but also gives it useful mineral elements.
Provides the bird's body with highly active amino acids and mineral elements, vitamins, and antioxidants.
Useful properties
Supports good appetite, improves digestion, energy conversion of feed, and assimilation of feed nutrients (especially low quality ones).
Improves the overall health of birds, regulates growth and productivity.
Improves the physiological and biochemical status of the body, activates all types of metabolism (proteins, carbon dioxide, fats, and minerals).
Stimulates the body's defense mechanisms, vitality, preservation of young stock, stress resistance.
Ensures the prevention of several diseases (skeletal, circulatory, and digestive system, disorders of protein and mineral metabolism; toxicosis, poisoning, effects of radiation, allergens, heavy metals).
Increases profitability of production and reduces feed costs.
Provides the yield of environmentally pristine high-quality products.
Method of application:
For young birds: it is mixed with the prepared feed at the rate of 8 kg per 1 ton of feed.
For mature birds: it is mixed with the prepared feed at the rate of 50-100 kg per 1 ton of feed.
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