Enriched zeolite
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Organo-mineral fertilizer is an enriched zeolite in the dry state, modified by amino acids of low molecular weight with the addition of group N, P, K (nitrogen potassium phosphorus).

New biological fertilizers of synergistic interaction. The product obtained as a result of enrichment of zeolite, charged with a sufficient number of ions P K Si, is intended to achieve maximum efficiency of plant and soil nutrition.
Planting agricultural crops.
Used for
Planting forestry crops.
Cultivation of exhausted soils.
Reclamation of disturbed lands.
Promotes the penetration of oxygen into the soil.
Improves the chemical composition of the soil.
Helps to accelerate the growth of plants.
Regulates soil acidity.
Gives the soil the moisture-holding capacity.
Contributes to the survival of plants in dry-weather periods.
Prolongs the effect of fertilizers with which it is mixed.
Adsorbs heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, and copper) from bad-composition soils.

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